Big 10

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Owaza Ju Pon
The Big 10, Big ten, or 10 defensive movements

    1.    Kubi-guruma - neck wheel

    2.    Kata-otoshi - shoulder drop

    3.    Ude-guruma - arm wheel

    4.    Hiji-guruma - elbow wheel

    5.    Aiki-nage - fitting in throw

    6.    Shiho-nage - four corner (all directions) throw

    7.    Ushiro-ate - behind (from the rear) strike

    8.    Kote-gaeshi - wrist turn

    9.    Ushiro-kubi-gatame - hold from behind (the rear)

    10.   Shizumi-otoshi - sinking body drop

Points of Interest:

1,3, & 4 are Garuma throws.  The entry should be with the right foot coming forward to block Uke's hip, but the throw should occur when the left foot is pulled back.  This will make the throw come off of Uke's big toe.  If done correctly, Uke will take a 270 fall.

2 is an otoshi, thrown off Uke's little toe.

6,7, & 8 are separating throws, thrown down the line of attack.

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