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Clif Norgaard, Ph.D.

Clif Norgaard, Ph.D - 10th Dan Judo, 10th Dan Aikido
kneeling in center of photo with red & white belt.

"Dr. Clif Norgaard's generous gifts and priceless psychological counseling and advice is indispensable to me. His martial arts career spans many decades and his ability to lead students teach the arts and demonstrate is remarkable." - Karl E. Geis, 10th Dan Professor of Aikido, 10th Dan Professor of Judo, and 8th Dan Professor of Jodo

1948-49 Armed Forces YMCA - San Diego Al Holtman
1949-55 Long Beach Judo School John Ogden
Gene Lebell
1955-57 University California Judo Club
San Francisco Judo
Henry Stone
Mits Kimura
1959 Kansas City Judo Riyennie-Kim Way Seng
Richard Yennie
1961 Oklahoma Academy of Judo R. Willingham -
Kim Kyu Ha
1968 Oklahoma University Judo Club
1970 Kodokan - 60 Days U.S Sponsor - Vince Tamura
Japan Sponsor - Mr. Kotani
1985 Practiced & Taught in Little Rock
Commuted monthly to Houston Judo & Aikido
Karl Geis
Until Dec. 2005 Taught at Little Rock Athletic Club
Now Has moved to the Rio Grande Valley.
10th Degree Judo
10th Degree Aikido

Excerpt From Black Belt Magazine Sometime Around 1964

Instructor's Profile

This section is devoted to all the head instructors and their assistants who have given unselfishly their time and efforts to promote the martial arts and sports.
Clifton A. Norgaard, 34, was born in Chicago, Ill., and attended the Univ. of California at Berkeley where he earned a Bachelor's degree in criminology; He presently lives in Oklahoma City, Okla., where he works as Assistant Manager of Exhibits for the State Fair of Oklahoma. He earned a 1st Degree Black Belt in ju-jitsu in 1955 and in 1961 he was promoted to the rank of 2nd Dan Black Belt in Kodokan judo. He is the assistant director of the Oklahoma Academy of Judo in Oklahoma City, and is affiliated with the JBBF.

Young Clif and Student

Early group at Little Rock Athletic Club

Shihan Tsuneko Miyake, Sensei Karl Geis visit with Clif and Little Rock members.

Sensei Clif Norgaard and Greg Fallon

Clif and Nick Lowery (Wind Song Dojo, Oklahoma City)

Old Group Photo

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